Which colour is your humanity? 

Depriving human rights on the basis of colour, caste, religion, creed has been in trend, since ages. 

But, is it fair to mock someone on his/her colour. Does this justify your mortality. Ohh! You are just mocking the Almighty, the innovater of the whole thing, and no one else. 

Keep in mind certainly that no person is made ideal. However may be higher via the deeds one commit. 

And what goes around comes round, is a Universal law.

So agree with for your karma, lead them to properly, for a motive.Unnecessary losing a precious life for a no motive, and ultimately resting in solitude.

God made every body equal. It’s the human who differentiated, and drew lines.

​Soul shattered every now and then to hear about all those brave hearts who sacrificed there lives for the safety and long life of their fellow countrymen.
Just to see us at peace they gave supreme sacrifice. But for how long will this continue? A small question with no solution. 
No intellectual sitting in their Air Conditioning rooms can answer this. Just calling yourself a Patriot doesn’t make you one, but doing something on the ground and making a difference surely does.