SILENCE! Shutter up and capture it. Something unable in the chaos of the day.

Owls howling, bats alive again and the humans. Some still up, for a reason or no. Enjoining the beautiful night with moon and stars as companion. Or committing crimes. Most heinous crimes, dreadfully deeds are committed under silence of the night, screaming loudly.

But, me as an Insomniac, still can’t figure out whether to enjoy it and get the most out of it, or to give up on it. But mostly to enjoy and weave a palace of Illusion, a new one each day. Thinking of the day’s events. Rewinding it again and again and making it perfect, the best thing I like to do with no one to judge or interfere, except me.

A thought process for the unpredictable future, a big planning each night thinking to follow it up the very next morning. Something that never goes out of style, and is never followed. 

Weaving some more, tangling sone and untangling the others. Smiling, crying, singing doing all sorts of unimaginable things simultaneously. Lately sleeping, because sleeping at night is never a worry for me.

Then, sun again rises. Birds chirps in their nests and high in the sky. Starting up a fresh morning with a soothing, still calm wind.


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