Which colour is your humanity? 

Depriving human rights on the basis of colour, caste, religion, creed has been in trend, since ages. 

But, is it fair to mock someone on his/her colour. Does this justify your mortality. Ohh! You are just mocking the Almighty, the innovater of the whole thing, and no one else. 

Keep in mind certainly that no person is made ideal. However may be higher via the deeds one commit. 

And what goes around comes round, is a Universal law.

So agree with for your karma, lead them to properly, for a motive.Unnecessary losing a precious life for a no motive, and ultimately resting in solitude.

God made every body equal. It’s the human who differentiated, and drew lines.


SILENCE! Shutter up and capture it. Something unable in the chaos of the day.

Owls howling, bats alive again and the humans. Some still up, for a reason or no. Enjoining the beautiful night with moon and stars as companion. Or committing crimes. Most heinous crimes, dreadfully deeds are committed under silence of the night, screaming loudly.

But, me as an Insomniac, still can’t figure out whether to enjoy it and get the most out of it, or to give up on it. But mostly to enjoy and weave a palace of Illusion, a new one each day. Thinking of the day’s events. Rewinding it again and again and making it perfect, the best thing I like to do with no one to judge or interfere, except me.

A thought process for the unpredictable future, a big planning each night thinking to follow it up the very next morning. Something that never goes out of style, and is never followed. 

Weaving some more, tangling sone and untangling the others. Smiling, crying, singing doing all sorts of unimaginable things simultaneously. Lately sleeping, because sleeping at night is never a worry for me.

Then, sun again rises. Birds chirps in their nests and high in the sky. Starting up a fresh morning with a soothing, still calm wind.


A heaven? Still conning yourself? 

Since the Independence or the split of United India into two, Kashmir lost it’s real Identity. Even the Kashmiri’s are feared to call them that.

A small piece of land, with such mesmerising landscapes, soothing wind and heart warming atmosphere, became a devastating battleground since last 70 years. It became like a raped bride, victim of marital rape. Weeping from inside, always feared and teared apart.

The innocent people finding their way miserable ahead. Falling prey of their own fate. Started having a sense of hate for the rest of the world. Small kids being mind washed and forced to become militants, men killed brutally women raped and houses burnt.

Army men, transferred to Kashmir always like a Suicide Squad, never know when they’ll be martyred. And all this in the name of God. Islam! 


Their family always in disguise. Never know when the bad news fall upon them like a thunderstorm ruining their lives. Making him a memory, not knowing weather to cry or be proud. 

And all this for? Just a piece of Land.

​Soul shattered every now and then to hear about all those brave hearts who sacrificed there lives for the safety and long life of their fellow countrymen.
Just to see us at peace they gave supreme sacrifice. But for how long will this continue? A small question with no solution. 
No intellectual sitting in their Air Conditioning rooms can answer this. Just calling yourself a Patriot doesn’t make you one, but doing something on the ground and making a difference surely does.